Because we offer assistance, consultancy, flexibility, professionality.

We organize qualified equipes for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in Italy and all over the world.

Because major event organizers as well as important international and national companies and associations trust Interpreti di Conferenza and find its members reliable.

Interpreti di Conferenza was in fact chosen to provide simultaneous and consecutive translation services for many of the meetings of the Italian Presidency of the G7 of 2017, for the Summit of the Heads of State and Government held in Taormina, for the meetings of the Ministers of Culture, Foreign Ministers, Ministers for the Environment, Agriculture, Health, and Equal Opportunities.

Because we can follow every step in the organizing of an event or meeting, providing our best advice and expertise.

Our secretariat will at all times provide help and advice, at no extra cost, in choosing the solution most suited to your needs.

Because we know how to work as a team and how to share our knowledge and best practices so as to provide our clients with the best service possible.

All our interpreters have many years of experience and regularly take refresher courses both in Italy and abroad.

Because the members of Interpreti di Conferenza are members of AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence).

AIIC was founded in Paris in 1953 and counts 3000 members in 89 countries, 180 are residents of Italy.

This allows us to deal with all sorts of requests regarding meetings and conferences and to engage specialized interpreters and translators in the language combinations required (rare combinations too). AIIC is an authoritative point of reference for conference interpretation and it negotiates agreements with large international organizations (United Nations, World Bank, Nato, European Union, FAO, WHO, WTO).